Program      (Detailed program will appear HERE)
The program is composed of four sessions. Each session starts with a lecture and continues with practical exercises. For practical exercises, the users will be provided with a cookbook, installation files and necessary data.
Preliminary experience with Jana2006/Jana2020 is not required.
The workshop is OFF LINE.

Schedule of the workshop (Prague time):
(The schedule can be adjusted according to the wishes of the participants)
Day 1, 9:00-12:00, Standard structures
Lecture: Introduction to Jana2020
Day 1, 13:00-18:00, Powders
Lecture: Powder option in Jana2020
Day 2, 9:00-12:00, Modulated structrures
Lecture: Modulated structures and their solution in Jana2020
Day 2, 13:00-18:00, Magnetic structures
Lecture: Magnetic structures and their solution in Jana2020
Each participant should have a laptop or PC with operating system Windows 8,10,11, with Administration rights. The recommended screen resolution is FullHD (1920x1080 pixels) or higher. Installation of all necessary software will be done at the beginning of the workshop. Please let us know in advance if you cannot come with a notebook.
Workshop cookbook
Participants will be provided with the latest version of the Jana2020 Cookbook. The Cookbook cumulates detailed instructions for all examples presented so far in some of Jana2020 workshops.
1Houri S. Rahimi Mosafer, Poland
2Denys Musiienko, Czechia
3Benedetta Chrappan Soldavini, Italy
5Mohit Chandra, Czechia
6Preeti Pokhriyal, Germany
7Jamil Flores, Czechia
8Michal Wurtherle, Czechia
9Naveen Kumar, Poland
10Melissa Janesch, Germany
11Jyoti Kaswan, Czechia
12Gaurav Pransu, Croatia
13Magdalena Konefal, Czechia
14Latif Ullah, Sweden
Registration to this workshop is closed.
For registration please send e-mail to Michal Dusek,
Connection to on line workshop
No online connection
The workshop is organized by Department of structure analysis at the Institute of Physics and Special interest group on aperiodic crystals at ECA.
Institute of Physics has two buildings 15 km apart! Make sure you are travelling to proper building at Cukrovarnicka street 10, Prague 6.
Taxi: We recommend using AAA taxi. Yellow cars are located in front of the Vaclav Havel airport terminals.
Public transport: Connections can be found at the DPP web page. The target stations Sibeliova or Vozovna Stresovice are within 150 m from the institute.
For accomodation, we recommend several hotels withing walking distance to the institute:
At the canteen of the institute, for 85 CZK
Coffee breaks
100 CZK for two days - will be collected during the workshop
There are no registration fees for Jana workshops. Consequently, no financial support can be provided.
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