Program      (Detailed program will appear HERE)
The program is composed of four sessions. Each session starts with a lecture and continues with practical exercises. For practical exercises, the users will be provided with a cookbook, installation files and necessary data.
For this workshop, a preliminary experience with Jana2006/Jana2020 is expected.

Schedule of the workshop (Prague time, i.e. GMT+1):
Thursday 27 May, 1-5 p.m., Session 1
Friday 28 May, 1-5 p.m., Session 2
Tuesday 1 June, 1-5 p.m., Session 3
Wednesday 2 June, 1-5 p.m., Session 4
Topics (tentative, suggestions are welcome!)
Modulated structures up to three modulation vectors
Composite structures
Modulated twins
Powder multiphases
Automatic refinements of many data sets
Manual data corrections
Each participant should have a laptop or PC with operating system Windows10, with Administration rights. The minimum screen resolution is FullHD (1920x1080 pixels). Installation of all necessary software will be done at the beginning of the workshop.
Workshop cookbook
Participants will be provided with the latest version of the Jana2020 Cookbook. The Cookbook cumulates detailed instructions for all examples presented so far in some of Jana2020 workshops.
1Igor Antunes Vogel Maldonado, Rio de Janeiro
2Saleh Gholam, Antwerp
3Thomaz Andrade, Rio de Janeiro
4Leif Carstensen, Darmstadt
5Pengyun Chen, Bremen
6Daniel N. Rainer, St Andrews
7Mylene Hendrickx, Antwerp
8Zheting Chu, Shenzhen
9Shimao Deng, Shenzhen
10Andrea Griesi, Pisa
11Teng Lu, Canberra
12Mirta Rubcic, Zagreb
13Said Yagoubi, Saclay
14Edi Topic, Zagreb
15Robert R. Fayzulin, Kazan
16Richard Dixey, London
17Marta Morana, Pavia
18M. Veera Gajendra Babu, Tamil Nadu
19Long Hoang Bao Nnguyen, Montpellier
20Romain Wernert, Bordeaux
21Francois Weill, Bordeaux
22P. Pandi, Tamil Nadu
23Kazuki Komatsu, Tokyo
24Monika Gamza, Preston
25Sunkyu Park, Amiens
26Vadim Kovrugin, Bordeaux
27CMN Kumar, Zagreb
28Naveen Singh Dhami, Zagreb
29Marie Guignard, Bordeaux
30Michal Jambor, Villigen
31Hari Nair, El Paso
32Shu Guo, Shenzhen
33Daphne Vandemeulebroucke, Antwerp
34Arianna Lanza, Villigen
35Elena Sulyanova, Moscow
36Tobias Ritschel, Dresden
37Michael Gardiner, Canberra
Registration to this workshop is closed.
For registration please send e-mail to Michal Dusek,
Connection to on line workshop
The workshop is organized wioth help of Zoom. Participants are required to install Zoom before the event. Detailed zoom instructions will be distributed before the workshop.
The workshop is organized by Department of structure analysis at the Institute of Physics and Special interest group on aperiodic crystals at ECA.
Participants will use their favorite methods and transportation tools to reach their laptops and computers.
There are no registration fees for Jana workshops. Consequently, no financial support can be provided.