Program      (Detailed program will appear HERE)
The program is composed of two sessions. Each session starts with a lecture and continues with practical exercises. For practical exercises, the users will be provided with a cookbook, installation files and necessary data.
For this workshop a preliminary experience with Jana2006/Jana2020 is not needed.

Schedule of the workshop (Prague time, i.e. GMT+1):
Session 1, Monday 24 March, 10-17 h
Session 2, Tuesday 25 March, 10-17 h
  • Theoretical introduction to experimental and data
  • Processing methods for electron crystallography
  • Data processing of diffraction tomography data
  • Preparation of input for Jana2020
  • Kinematical structure refinement from electron diffraction data
  • Structure refinement using dynamical diffraction theory
  • Computers
    Each participant should have a laptop or PC with operating system Windows10, with Administration rights. The minimum screen resolution is FullHD (1920x1080 pixels). Installation of all necessary software will be done at the beginning of the workshop.
    Workshop cookbook
    Participants will be provided with the latest version of the Jana2020 Cookbook. The Cookbook cumulates detailed instructions for all examples presented so far in some of Jana2020 workshops.
    1Elisabeth Mueller, Villigen
    2Emiliya Poghosyan, Villigen
    3Jambor Michal, Villigen
    4Tatiana Latychevskaia, Villigen
    5Ivo Alxneit, Villigen
    6Vicente Araullo-Peters, Villigen
    7Emiliana Fabbri, Villigen
    8Dino Aegerter, Villigen
    9Tim Gruene, Vienna
    10Soheil Mahmoudi, Vienna
    11Alexander Roller, Vienna
    12Daniel N. Rainer, St Andrews
    13Igor Antunes Vogel Maldonado, Rio de Janeiro
    14Jessica Bruhn, San Diego
    15Bezzerga Djamel, Algeria
    16Partha Pratim Das, Brussels
    17Saleh Gholam, Antwerp
    18Juan Ignacio Tirado Castano, Valencia
    19Tatiana Gorelik, Ulm
    20Gustavo Santiso-Quinones, Villigen
    21David Watermann, Harwell
    22Tarik Drevon, Harwell
    23Yordy E Licea Fonseca, Rio de Janeiro
    24Thomaz Andrade, Rio de Janeiro
    25Brandon Q. Mercado, Yale
    26Bo Wang, Cambridge
    27Justin Newman, New Jersey
    28Pengyun Chen, Bremen
    29Abed Makreloufi, Mostaganem
    30Touk Sid Ahmed, Mascara
    31Jessica Burch, Los Angeles
    32Hans Raaijmakers, Eindhoven
    33Zheting Chu, Shenzhen
    34Danilo Marchetti, Pisa
    35Paolo P. Mazzeo, Parma
    36Anton Cleverley, Warwick
    37Ivan Zivadinovic, Villigen
    Registration to this workshop is open.
    For registration please send e-mail to Michal Dusek,
    Connection to on line workshop
    The workshop is organized wioth help of Zoom. Participants are required to install Zoom before the event. Detailed zoom instructions will be distributed before the workshop.
    The workshop is organized by Department of structure analysis at the Institute of Physics and Special interest group on aperiodic crystals at ECA.
    Participants will use their favorite methods and transportation tools to reach their laptops and computers.
    There are no registration fees for Jana workshops. Consequently, no financial support can be provided.