This workshop will explain basic steps with Jana2006 using single crystal and powder examples of standard and modulated structures.
Program      The workshop starts at 9am and finishes at 6pm. (Click HERE for detailed schedule)
The program is composed of four halfdays. Each halfday starts with a lecture and continues with practical exercises. For practical exercises the users will be provided with a printed cookbook and with a flash disk containing the cookbook, installation files and data.
For this workshop, a preliminary experience with Jana2006 is not required. Jana2006 and related software will be installed or updated at the beginning of the workshop.

Topics of the workshop:
Simple structure from single crystal data
Simple structure from powder data
Twinning, Charge flipping, rigid body ...
Powder profile functions
Basic example how to use electron diffraction data
Basic example how to calculate magnetic structure
Each participant should bring a laptop with operating system WindowsXP or higher, with Administration rights. Installation of all necessary software will be done at the beginning of the workshop. Wireless internet connection including Eduroam is available at the lecture room. Limited number of computers can be provided to people without laptop (please inform us before the workshop that this would be needed)
Workshop cookbook
Workshop cookbook cumulates examples from all Jana workshops. The latest version together with example files and installations files is available in jana page: (> 100MB). THE LINK IS UPDATED AFTER THE WORKSHOP, NOT BEFORE!
Please note that the wokshop may be cancelled when number of participants is below five.
1Farzaneh Fadaei Tirani, Lausanne1,2
2Andrea Grisei, Pisa1,2
3Rosario Scopelliti, Lausanne1,2
4Esther Luisa de Prado Fernandez, Prague1,2
5Sula Milani, Milano1,2
6Kurt Schenk, Lausanne1,2
7Ina Speckmann, Berlin1,2
8Eva Heppke, Berlin1,2
Registration to this workshop is closed.
For registration please send e-mail to Michal Dusek,
The workshop is organized by Department of structure analysis at the Institute of Physics and Special interest group on aperiodic crystals at ECA. The date and program are created in collaboration with participants.
Transportation from the Vaclav Havel airport in Prague
Institute of Physics has two buildings 15 km apart! Make sure you are travelling to proper building at Cukrovarnicka street 10, Prague 6.
By taxi: AAA taxi - the yellow cars located in front of terminals - costs approximately 400 CZK (15 Euro) to "Hotel u Sladku" as well as to the Institute.

By public transport:
Connections can be found at the DPP web page
Options to find connections from the airport to Hotel u Sladku: FROM "Airport" TO "U Kastanu" VIA "Vypich" TRANSFERS "1".
Options to find connections from the airport to the Institute of Physics: FROM "Airport" TO "Sibeliova" VIA "Petriny" TRANSFERS "1"
Options to find connections from Hotel u Sladku to the Institute of Physics: FROM "U Kastanu" TO "Vozovna Stresovice"
Limited numer of rooms is available at the three-star "Hotel u Sladku". This hotel has very good public transport connection to the airport, to the main railway station, to the Prague city centre and to the Institute of Physics. The institute can also be reached by foot (20 minutes). Free wireless connection is available in most of rooms. For season-dependent prices per night please see the hotel web page. Payment in Czech Crowns or in Euros. Breakfast included. Public transport tickets on sale.
For booking please use the online form at the hotel web page: and type the code JANA2006 in the textbox "Note" of the reservation form.
Another (tested) hotels within walking distance to the institute:
Hotel Aton
Hotel Marketa
At the canteen of the Institute, for 65 CZK - paid on arrival
Coffee breaks
50 CZK per day - paid on arrival
There are no registration fees for Jana2006 workshops. Consequently, no financial support can be provided.