Jana2006 Ad Hoc workshops - preliminary registration page
Waiting for participants . . . .
The purpose of this page is to collect requirements for future Jana2006 Ad Hoc workshops. As soon as five people with an overlap of four topics appear we shall organize with them Ad Hoc Workshop.
Topics available:
  • (INT1) Introduction to Jana software, solution of simple 3d structures
  • (INT2) Introduction to modulated structures, solution of simple 4d structures
  • (PWD) Refinement of powder data
  • (TW) Twins and multiphases of 3d and modulated structures
  • (CHF) Application of charge flipping to 3d and modulated structures
  • (DIS) Disorder, mixed sites, application of rigid body refinement for disordered structures
  • (RIG) Rigid body refinement and application of local symmetry
  • (CRENEL) Discontinuous modulation functions (crenel and sawtooth)
  • (COMM) Commensurate structures
  • (COMP) Composite structures
  • (FIVE) Five dimensional structures
  • (MAG) Magnetic structures
  • (ELD) Electron diffraction
  • any other topic (please specify)
  • Preliminary registrations:
    Please send your request to dusek@fzu.cz
    Frantisek Laufek               COMP CRENEL DIS            
    Sylvie Malo INT1 INT2 PWD CHF   TW                    
    Andrew Kentaro Inge                   DIS ELD   RIG      
    Preethi Meher   INT2 PWD   MAG                      
    Volodymyr Svitlyk                   DIS   FIVE RIG      
    Florence Porcher   INT2   (CHF) MAG     COMP (CRENEL)              
    Fabian Carson                         RIG      
    Hong Chen               COMP      ELD    RIG       
    Ranjana Ghose INT1 INT2 PWD CHF   TW                    
    Alexander Ovchinnikov             COMM            RIG       
    Rodrigo Castillo   INT2  PWD  CHF      COMM      DIS      RIG       
    John Claridge     PWD    MAG      COMP        FIVE    PROF     
    Giulio Isacco Lampronti     PWD  CHF            DIS      RIG       
    Matthew Dunstan INT1  INT2  PWD  CHF            DIS      RIG       
    Chien-Lung Huang INT1    PWD    MAG    COMM                   
    Andrew Tuxworth INT1  INT2        TW            FIVE         
    Fei Wang INT1  INT2  PWD      TW    COMP    DIS             
    Manisha Taneja Pathak     PWD  CHF        COMP      ELD           
    Daniel Mazur                     ELD           
    Volodomyr Bon INT1  INT2  PWD      TW              RIG       
    Li Cheng   INT2              CRENEL    ELD  FIVE  RIG