Program     (Click here for detailed schedule)
Due to requirements of participants this workshop is organized in days when library lecture room in the building A is not available for whole days. Therefore the usual two-days workshop has been distributed to three days and two lecture rooms. On Wednesday we will have mostly lectures, the next two days will be practical exercises. For practical exercises the users will be provided with a printed cookbook and with a flash disk containing the cookbook, installation files and necessary data. Lecturers for this workshop: Vaclav Petricek, Michal Dusek, Karla Fejfarova.
For this workshop a preliminary experience with Jana2006 would be helpful but not necessary.
  • Wednesday 13 July, 14:00-18:00, lecture room at the building B:
    Lectures and introduction to examples
  • Thursday 14 July, 8:00-14:30, lecture room at the building A:
    (PWD) 3d structure from powder diffraction data
    (DIS) Disorder, mixed sites, application of rigid body refinement
  • Friday 15 July, 12:30-19:30, lecture room at the building A:
    (INT2) Modulated structure from single crystal data
    (INT2) Simple modulated structure from powder data
    (CRENEL) Application of discontinuous functions
Each participant should bring a laptop with operating system Windows2000/XP/Vista/Windows7, with Administration rights. Installation of all necessary software will be done at the beginning of the workshop. Wireless internet connection including Eduroam is available at the lecture room. Limited number of computers can be provided to people without laptop (please inform us before the workshop that this would be needed)
Workshop cookbook
Workshop cookbook cumulates examples from all Jana workshops. The latest version together with example files and installations files is available in jana page: (> 100MB). THE LINK IS UPDATED AFTER THE WORKSHOP, NOT BEFORE!
1Nadine Eckstein, TU Munchen
2Malte Giller, TU Munchen
3Magnus Greiwe, TU Munchen
4Michael Hormannsdorfer, TU Munchen
5Sarah Chriponow, TU Munchen
6Marianne Schrofl, TU Munchen
7Ilona Kruger, TU Munchen
8Patrick Woidy, TU Munchen
9Oliver Osters, TU Munchen
10Frederik Bachhuber, University Regensburg
11Florian Pielnhofer, University Ulm
12Jan Rothballer, University Ulm
13Jaroslav Maixner, TU Prague
Registration to this workshop is closed.
The workshop is organized by Department of structure analysis at the Institute of Physics and Special interest group on aperiodic crystals at ECA. The date and programme are created in collaboration with participants.
Transportation from the Prague airport "Letiste Ruzyne"
Institute of Physics has two buildings 15 km apart! Make sure you are travelling to proper building at Cukrovarnicka street 10, Prague 6.
By taxi: AAA taxi - the yellow cars located in front of terminals - costs approximately 400 CZK (15 Euro) to "Hotel u Sladku" as well as to the Institute.

By public transport: Take bus 179. For the institute change at the station "Vetrnik" to the tram 1,2, or 18. For "Hotel U Sladku" change at the station "Vypich" to the tram 22 or 25.
Bus 179 at the airport
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Limited numer of rooms is available at the three-star "Hotel u Sladku". This hotel has very good public-transport connection to the airport, to the main railway station, to the Prague city centre and to the Institute of Physics. Free wireless connection is available in most of rooms. The prices per night are 1200 CZK (~50 Euro) for single bedroom, 1600 CZK (~67 Euro) for double bedroom and 2000 CZK (~84 Euro) for triple bedroom (with single occupation). Payment in Czech Crowns or in Euros. Breakfast included.

For booking please use the online form at the hotel web page: and type the code JANA2006 in the textbox "Note" of the reservation form.

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