Compilation of Jana2000 under MAC OS X v10.3

In this document we present our latest experience with installation of Jana2000 under Mac OS X v10.3, the operating system of Apple MacIntosh. Jana2000 is distributed as a source code and needs to be compiled in Mac OS X UNIX environment. For compilation it needs C and FORTRAN compiler and the developer oart of the X11 library. For dispaying graphics it needs the runtime part of the X11 library. Unlike the older versions of Mac OS X the installation of the developer part of X11 and the FORTRAN compiler is usually a smooth process.


X11 library
X11 is available in the distribution CD or in Make sure the package X11SDK.pkg is included in the installation as it is necessary for compilation of Jana2000. By defaults this package is not included.

Fink is a tool for installation and upgrading of the open source UNIX programs. In our case it is necessary for downloading of the latest version of the FORTRAN compiler g77. It is available in Its user-friendly graphic interface is called Fink Commander and can be downloaded in

The Fortran compiler g77 can be easily downloaded or upgraded using the Fink Commander. Select "g77" in the list of programs and "install from binaries".

The C compiler gcc is always present.

The installation file for UNIX version of Jana2000.

Installation and testing of Jana2000

Start "Applications -> X11". It will open the X terminal (xterm)  
Using UNIX commands "cd" (change directory) and "pwd" (print current directory) go one level above the directory where Jana2000 is to be installed. cd /Applications
(for installation of jana2000 to directory /Applications/jana2000)
Make sure you have the write permission in the current directory, for instance by creating a file. touch file_tmp
rm file_tmp
If you don't have the write permission, i.e. the creation of a file in the previous step failed, make sure that you are logged in as a user with Administrator's privileges. If you don't have the write permission and you already have the Administrator's privileges, log in as the root using the "sudo" command. This will log the current user as the root using the user's password. Usually only Administrators are accepted by "sudo" command. Type "man sudo" to see the documentation for "sudo" command. sudo su
Place jana2000Pack.exe to the current directory (/Applications in the example)  
Execute command "source jana2000Pack.exe" and follow the installation instruction. The command "source" is available in the command interpretor C-shell. If your default shell is not C-shell try command "csh -c source jana2000Pack.exe" or "tcsh -c source jana2000Pack.exe". source jana2000Pack.exe
csh -c source jana2000Pack.exe
(This procedure creates directory jana2000 and installes the program executable as jana2000/jana2000)
Using command "chmod" give the read and write permission to the whole directory jana2000. chmod -R 222 /Applications/jana2000.
Test the program. /Applications/jana2000/jana2000
(The testing structures can be found in directory jana2000/test using "File->Structure->Open" in jana2000 basic window

Example of installation jana2000

In this example we show a commented session including testing for necessary tools, logging as a root, downloading the installation file, installing jana2000, changing permissions and ownership of the created files and creating of temporary directory.

Installation procedure

We present the downloading and installation procedure written in the C-shell that should work in most Mac OS X workstations and also in other UNIX workstations. It is not part of the standard distribution of Jana2000, because it has been only tested with five MacOS X 10.3 workstations and two LINUX workstations. The adopting to the local needs requires a moderate experience in UNIX and C-shell.